Watching the Watchers  is an organization that strives to drive Ukraine to the ideal independent and strong nation that we are.

We are a band of concerned citizens who won’t let Ukraine be trampled on by foreign interests anymore: not by Russians, not by Germans, not by Americans. We will call out corruption and foreign agents wherever we see them: east or west.

For long enough our homeland has been torn by war, by corrupt leaders and by foreigners meddling in our own affairs for their own gain and not ours. We say – its enough! Whoever tries to progress their own interests ahead of our great nation will find themselves in our crosshairs.

Our success will be when our nation’s economy is strong, our borders are secure, there are no more wars killing our citizens and we can all live in dignity with financial and physical security.

Vitaliy Shabunin

Ukraine anti-corruption crusader allows his political aspirations to guide who he targets with his investigations

Daria Kaleniuk

She has built an impressive reputation in law and supposed anti-corruption activism, but her loyalties clearly lie far west of Kyiv.


Yaroslav Yurchyshn

He is trying to rebrand his image as an anti-corruption crusader, but has aided Ukrainian elite who have dodged millions in taxes

Natalie Sedlestska

Has built an impressive reputation as investigative journalist, fighting corruption in government institutions, but she is ready to use her knowledge and power to help corrupted politicians to hide their assets.